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Number Of News: 10

99/03/24 cet:18:02:31 - Tons Of Updates !
Yeha ! IŽm Back From A Wounderful Rest !
There Will Be Tons Of Updates This Week.
Here Are Some Of Them: File Gallary, Skin Download,
And Many Many More Things
And I Have Fixxed The Members Only Page To.
YouŽll Only Enter With The Correct Password.
// ZulmiN
99/03/20 cet:21:28:09 - Clan Tryout
Hm... No More Big Updates This Week !
But It Will Come Some Bigger Updates After This Week !
ZooMoRpH Have Played A Tryout Against A Member In The
Quake 2 Clan: Hellforce... But ZooMoRpH Realy Kicked His Ass
High Up In To The Fucking Sky !
So We Are Waiting For Some More Members !
// ZulmiN
99/03/19 cet:13:37:03 - New URL !

Yehaa !
We Have A New URL Soon !
I Have Registered A Total New And Totaly FREE !
There Will Be Mutch More Updates After This Week !
99/03/18 cet:15:46:43 - XooM Can Suck My Balls !

XooM Sucks So F*cking Hard !
All That Sponsor Shit They Have Added To All XooM Pages Just
Sucks Harder Then Everything !
I Hope XooM Understand This !
If Not !: Suck My Big Balls !
(We Will Move This Page Under This Week !)
// ZulminN
 99/03/18 cet:15:32:18 - More Updates

I´m All Most Getting Tired Of Update This Page Everyday !
But I Can´t Stop Doing It Anyway So It Will Be Many Many
More Updates This Week !
// ZulminN
 99/03/18 cet:15:00:13 - Clan Match

We Have A New Clan Match Coming Up ! 
The Match Will Be Played Against: Atomic Killers 
The Match Will Not Be Played Ower Modem ! 
I´t Will Be Fair Play In LAN ! 
// ZooMoRpH
 99/03/18 cet:14:45:59 - More Updates

We Have Soon Desided A Training Schedule... 
We Should At Least Have Training Three Days A Week ! 
And I Have Added A New Training Schedule Page ! 
Pleaz Check Out The News And Training Schedule Page ! 
// ZulmiN 
  99/03/14 cet: 12:40:22 - Some Updates

Wow... Our Clan Skin Is On-line Now.. You Can´t Download It 
For The Moment.. But You Can At Least Look On It ! 
Some Smal Updates Have Arived To: Screenshot Gallery, 
New Counter And Some Other Updates ! Will Update More To Night. 
// ZulmiN 
 99/03/14 cet: 12:35:48 - No Clan Match

There Won´t Be Any Match Against the Dead Heads =( 
the Dead Heads Clan Is Down For The Moment.. 
But There Will Come Some Other Matches Coming Up Real Soon ! 
// ZulmiN 
  99/03/12 cet: 21:14:36 - First Update

This Site Is At Least On-Line Now ! 
A Match Is Waiting Against: 
the Dead Heads !=) 
// ZooMoRpH