Real Name: Micke Eronen
Age: 14
City: Hellefors
Country: Sweden
Computer Status: Pentium II 400Mhz
Status: Clan Leader, Webmaster (He Just Think He Is) =)
Look At ZooMoRpH´s Config File: ZooMoRpH.cfg
Favorite Coment: cYa In Hell Punk Ass !
Favorite Weapon: Rocket Launcher, Super Nailgun, Boomstick
Favorite Map: DM4 - The Bad Place
Likes:My Bed And My Girl Friend
Hates: To Not Be In My Bed Whit My Girl Friend And Campers
Interest: Snowboard, Quake, Horny Girls
Girl Friend: Yes, Linda Spjuth (she`s the one below ! And She`s The Best For Me...=>..)