Real Name: Marcus Hälinen
Age: 14
City: Hellefors
Country: Sweden
Computer Status: Pentium II 333Mhz, 12Meg Voodoo And Some Other Funny Stuffs !
Status: Clan Leader, The Real Webmaster =)
Favorite Coment: cYa Later Aligator.
Look At Zulmin´s Config File: Zulmin.cfg
Favorite Weapon: Boomstick And Shaft
Favorite Map: DM4 - The Bad Place
Likes: My Horny Girl Friend Sara And My Best Friend The Boomstick
Hates: Un Horny Girls And Quake 2
Interest: Play Quake All Days Out And My Horny Girl (Sara)
Word Of Wisedom: Here You Got A Free Ticket To Hell !
Girl Friend: Yes, Sara Karlsson Nilsson (She`s The One Below !)

    Aint She´s Cute !=)